Each gym challenge requires you to draw a picture of a pokemon trainer fighting the relevant gymleader. We encourage you to keep the same character design from picture to picture, it's a good opportunity to practice consistency in drawing the same character in a variety of different settings. Roleplaying or writing for your gym challenge character is, of course, allowed!

  • Trainer characters should be human, like in the games and anime. Gijinka-like outfits are perfectly fine, of course- people in the pokemon world seem to play dress-up all the time!
  • You are free to base your trainer's appearance heavily off an in-game trainer design, but please give them a different name so we don't have twelve Hildas running around in cutoff shorts.
  • If you are keeping a consistent character, please consider submitting a profile of them to this wiki.
  • Trainers (and gym leaders) should not have any legendary Pokemon on their team.
  • Trainers are not required to have a set type or theme, but you may if you wish.