Topaz was on her way to her first gym challenge. Her blakizen by her side, well, not exactly. It was clearly more practical for Torchy to give her a piggy back ride while she held the map. Torch wasn't really looking at it anyways considering there was a footpath he was following. He was half listening to Topaz babble away like she often did. She had 'conversations' like these with most of her pokemon companions. Blah blah, this going to be awesome! Blah blah, hope it's more challenging than the Kanto league. Blah blah. Some times she would talk about her other pokemon, or how dumb water and grass types were. The quiet Blakizen didn't say anything much. Even if he did she wouldn't understand. "Isn't that right?" The blaziken nodded slowly. She gave the pokemon an awkward hug her little hands full of map. Topaz didn't use him for battle much anymore and had started training newer pokemon. This was a relief to him because he hated battling, and Topaz defeated the Hoenn and Johto leagues with him and Lady alone. He just didn't share Topaz's overly competitive spirit.

(Um.. I suppose I'll update this as the challenge goes on. If anything need to be changed just tell me D:)