Topaz Ref

Height: 4' 11 Age and Birthdate: 13, August 17th (Leo)

Preferred Type: Fire or Normal

Bio: Topaz was raised in Petalburg City, in Hoenn. Her first pokemon was a Torchic, she named Torchy. She quickly started defeating gym leaders at the age of 10, with little regard for type match-ups. She was desperate to make a name for herself, and defeated the Hoenn, Jhoto, and Kanto leagues by the age of thirteen, she is currently taking a break from her conquest of the Sinnoh league to train some of her new team additions.

Personality: Topaz has a fiery personality, and hardly hesitates to get in someone's face, despite being a mere child. She believes she is the best trainer alive, and is a tad bit vain. When she loses a battle she is prone to temper tantrums or a emotional breakdown. However in situations not regarding battling Topaz is very outgoing and friendly.

Pokemon: Topaz has a huge collection of Pokemon- (I'll add them as I think of them or they come up in the challenge)

Topaz and Torchy

Topaz and her Blaziken, Torchy.

Torchy(Blaziken) Level 100: Topaz's first pokemon, Torchy was kept a torchic for a very long time, but in order to be more competitive she allowed him to evolve at the level of 55. In battle Torchy is bashful and gets upset when he hurts his opponents. Move set: Flareblitz, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Sand Attack.

Lady(Swellow): Topaz's second pokemon, Lady has a spunky personality and a tendency to disobey it's master regardless of the situation. Lady is most often reserved for double battles so Topaz can retain some control of her situation.

Marble(Purugly): Recently added to Topaz's team, Marble is an ill tempered powerhouse that Topaz uses similarly to a tank.

BunBun(Lopunny) Level 52: Caught in early in Sinnoh, she has been used in quite a few battles and is quite fond of Topaz. Bunbun is easy going and very careful. When used in battle Bunbun is very calculating and takes her time getting moves ready. Sometimes this sends Topaz in a tizzy but it usual ends better than what ever reckless endeavor she had in mind. Move set: Chargebeam, Thunderbolt, Charge, Thunder.