Thor with Absol

Thor (Trainer)

Preferred Type: Anything

Thor is fifteen years old and grew up in Celestic town with his parents and sister. His father is from Hoenn, and his dad's side of the family all lives there. His mother is from Snowpoint city.

He is a very quiet person. He is serious about piano, school and Pokémon, but more easygoing with art, sports, and friends.

Growing up in Celestic town, he loves Pokémon Mythology and the cooler, foggy weather. He plays soccer, and often goes skiing to Snowpoint city. His first Pokémon was an Absol, a gift from his father. He found that he loved to battle with pokemon, so he then caught a Snorunt while skiing. He decided that he would start a journey to Oreburgh and start to collect the Badges of Sinnoh. He has an interest in modern science technology, so he stayed in Trophy Garden until he caught a Porygon. On the way he caught a Drifloon, and he ran into his old friend Cynthia who gave him a mysterious egg.

When he got to Oreburgh, he quickly defeated the gym leader and got a Badge. He kept training and eventually collected all eight Badges. By now his Snorunt evolved into Glalie, and Drifloon into Drifblim. Also the egg evolved into a Togepi who is now a Togetic, which he gave to his little sister as a gift. Before he went to the Elite four, he caught a Trapinch that evolved into Vibrava, and his grandfather (father's father) gave hime a Beldum which he then trained into a Metagross. Porygon had evolved into Porygon2 at this point. He has the Dubious Disk, but decided to wait to use it, because he is not completely sure what will happen.

After a few tries, he beat the Elite Four of Sinnoh. He also went and trained at that northeast island, and the Battle Frontier. He did not stop at Sinnoh. His uncle is a sailor, so he easily traveled to Hoenn. He also got to visit some family. His cousin told him that using the Dubious Disk on Porygon2 would make it much more powerful, but a little glitchy, and that he would need some patience to train it well. He decided to take the challenge and use the Dubious Disk, thus making Porygon2 to Porygon-Z.

After getting through Hoenn he now traveled to the Oeka region, hoping to defeat the challenges ahead of him!


Absol Night Slash, Fire Blast, Psycho Cut, Pursuit Ability:Super Luck, Item:Choice Scarf
Glalie Blizzard, Ice Fang, Explosion, Spikes

Ability: Inner Focus, Item: Focus Sash

Porygon-Z Trick Room, Hyper Beam, ThunderBolt, Ice Beam Ability: Download Item: Life Orb

Dragon Pulse, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Fly

Ability: Levitate, Item: Soft Sand

Drifblim Ominous Wind, Explosion, Shadow Ball, Hex

Ability: Aftermath, Item:Spell Tag

Metagross Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Psychic, Gyro Ball Ability: Clear Body, Item: Psychic Plate

Pokemon given away: Togetic. Ability: Hustle. Item: Leftovers.