Stacey and Poco

Stacey Rupestre ( Roo-pest-ray)

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (Birthday Nov 12., Scorpio)

Height: 5' ft 5" inches

Weight: 115 lbs


Growing up in the snowy town of ___ She actually hated the cold and wondered why considering both her parents enjoyed it, at the age of 12 when she was to start her journey with the family Meowth (Raja) her parents decided to confess to her that she was adopted, her real parents (The Rupestres) were from the tropical city ____. Angry and hurt for being lied to she ran away from home before packing her things for the journey, alone in a blizzard she came across an equally lost and frightened Snorunt (Krieger). Raja found them huddled in a dug out snow cave and took them home, Stacey was able to forgive her adoptive parents and set out on her journey with her two companions.


Over the years she grew to have a competitive spirit but she knows when a fight is unfair or has gone too far. Her biggest weaknesses are spicy foods and being rather smug about her ablities as a trainer. (She has three league championships under her belt from Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh) However she doesn't take losing very hard and sees it more as a chance to work on her battle strategies.

She's now returned to her home region of Oeka to take on the new pokemon gyms that have been established there.


Stacey and the Team

Raja the Persian (F) Technician

Night Slash, Iron Tail, Fake Out, Hypnosis

Krieger the Glalie (M) Inner Focus Ice Shard, Spikes, Gyro Ball, Explosion
Hira the Starmie (-) Natural Cure Recover, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Excalibur the Garchomp (M) Sand Veil Dragon Claw, Fire Fang, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Poco the Joltik (M) Unnerve Discharge, Bug Buzz, Spiderweb, Energy Ball

Badges won in Oeka:

  • Paranoia Badge - After wandering around for hours lost in Gym Leader Cassius's Nightmare Manor, Stacey

    Resting at the Pokemon Center

    finally battled the Ghost-type expert and won in a close match with Hira and Raja. Stacey has since gone back to training for the next open gym challenge. -The battle against Cassius-
  • Alloy Badge - Arriving at Farrah's gym Stacey faced her Aggron in an all or nothing fight with Excalibur, with the lava rising each passing minute the battle

    Fire and Ice

    was intense and heated. Her Aggron had survived a super-effective Earthquake attack and was striking back with Ice Punch after Ice Punch with his speed increased from Rock Polish. Excalibur finally won it with a Fire Fang at close range, giving Stacey her 2nd victory in the Oeka region, she'll continue to challenge the gyms but for now she goes to visit an old friend...

Lunchtime <3