October 14


Cerulean City, Kanto


Born to a wealthy family, Raphaela recieved only the best education from the Pokemon Trainer's School. However, she would rather go out on her own to train. After two years at the school she dropped out to travel around Kanto and take the gym challenge. Her parents were a bit disappointed, but they decided to support her anyway. She eventually got all of her Kanto badges and decided to head to the Oeka Region.


Raphaela is generally kind and friendly. While she does enjoy battling, she is very protective of her team and puts their safety over victory. Her rather sheltered life has made her a bit naive when it comes to the outside world; she doesn't know how to drive a car, use an ATM and many other day-to-day activities, due to having others do it for her. She is, however, willing to learn, as the everyday lives of average people fascinate her.

She is very vocal when it comes to her feelings, and is nearly incapable of lying. In other words, she has little tact. Although she may unintentionally offend people sometimes, she is otherwise a nice person. She can be a bit impatient and stubborn as well, but she isn't one to whine when something doesn't go her way.


She prefers tough-looking Pokemon, mainly those found in the Kanto or Johto region. Her strategy relies on protecting and healing herself while weakening the enemy.

Pokemon Moveset Ability IItem
Primape ♀ Attract, Cross Chop, Screech, Rock Tomb Anger Point Leftovers
Kingler ♀ Crabhammer, Metal Claw, Vicegrip, Swords Dance Hyper Cutter King's Rock
Ursaring ♀ Facade, Snore, Rest, Earthquake Guts Toxic Orb
Parasect ♀ Slash, Giga Drain, Spore, Growth Effect Spore Big Root
Fearow ♀ Fly, Featherdance, Steel Wing, U-Turn Keen Eye Sharp Beak
Magcargo ♀ Flamethrower, Ancientpower, Recover, Sandstorm Flame Body Quick Claw