Otus in his winter clothes.


Name: Otus Li

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Height: 5"6

Background: His mother, part of the police force, is a frequent competitor in Pokemon Battle challenges - and is herself a gym leader. His paternal father has a completely different view - he is an extreme Pokemon rights activist, and often leads protests agaisnt fighting. These two worldy different views often lead to conflicts within Otus' family. He has three other siblings: an older sister, and a pair of younger brothers and sisters. The latter two travel with Otus on his journeys, whilst his older sister is an extremely influential part of the Elite Four - she often makes calls so her siblings can have places to sleep and food to eat.

Character: Otus is somewhat introverted, but he has no problems with social interactions. He would just rather be doing something else. He is calm and relaxed in battle - however, trainers he has faced agaisnt often realise that he is extremely calculating and cold, something several people comment on. Nonetheless, he treats his Pokemon extremely well. Otus' fascination with his dreams often make him prone to drowsiness, and sometimes falls asleep in battles.



Waltz Stantler 75 Return, Calm Mind, Psychic, Stomp Relaxed, Often dozes off
Opium Reuiniclus 70 Rest, Calm Mind, Psychic, Focus Blast Calm, Highly curious
Juana Gastrodon 70 Scald, Toxic, Surf, Rest Impish, Scatters things often
Analee Girafarig 48 Agility, Baton Pass, Calm Mind, Crunch Modest, Somewhat vain

His Pokemon have very strong ties with each other - they can battle agaisnt trainers by themselves. Analee, who is relatively new, cannot do this as well as the others.