Mr. Green

Mr. Green

Name: Jake Verne

Alias: Mr. Green

Age: 17

Class: Pokémon Trainer

Hometown: Near Cherrygrove, Johto

Goal: Indigo/Silver League Champion


Jake Verne grew up on a farm, the youngest of six children. His grandfather, a retired member of the Indigo/Silver League Elite Four, had passed his love of Pokémon Battles through the family. So much so that it was commonplace to see Jakes parents and siblings having mock battles out in the fields with the Pokémon that helped them out around the farm.

All the Verne children learned about Pokémon Battles before the learned to walk and talk. Jake, however, aside from being the youngest, was also the worst at battling, and his brothers and sisters taunted him for it.

At the age of fifteen, Jake left home and traveled to mount Silver. No one is certain what happened when he was there, though rumours have been whispered that he met the legendary Red. When he reappeared a few months later with a young Larvitar named Quake in tow, he immediately challenged his family to a series of battles.

One by one, he defeated his siblings, then his parents, and went on to challenge his grandfather, but was unable to pull off the final win.

Determined to one day defeat his grandfather in a full battle. Jake took on the alias, Mr. Green, and decided to challenge the many Pokémon Leagues around the world, ending with the Silver League.

Now seventeen years old, he has come to the Oeka Region to put some more badges under his belt.

Current Pokemon Team:

Pokémon Nickname Moveset Ability
Tyranitar ♂ Quake Dark Pulse, Stone Edge, Thunder, Shadow Claw Sand Stream
Flygon ♂ Flash DragonBreath, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Fly Levitate
Scyther ♂ Fury Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Night Slash, Giga Impact Technician
Gallade ♂ Blade Close Combat, X-Scissor, Psychic, Leaf Blade Steadfast
Politoed ♀ Lily Surf, Hypnosis, Blizzard, Bounce Water Absorb
Leafeon ♀ Leaf Synthesis, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Dig Leaf Guard
Green Team

Mr. Green's Current Pokémon

Oeka Gym Matches:

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 10.06.28 PM (2)

Flash vs. Farrah's Skarmory

1) Foundry Flight Fight vs. Farrah In an intense heated battle above the molten metal of Farrah's Foundry, Flash the Flygon faced off against Farrah's fierce Skarmory. It was a close neck and neck scuffle, and for a moment it looked as though Skarmory was the tougher, but Flash was able to pull off a powerfull Dragonbreath attack just as Skarmory was swooping in for a brave bird.

Flash making a victory flight from Farrah's Gym. - Drawn by Spiffee.

The combination of the head on attack and the recoil damage lost Skarmory precious moments as Flash executed a super effective Fire Blast to finnish things off.

Oeka Badge Count:

1) Alloy Badge