Lacie Battle Ready Requirements:

  • Draw a dynamic picture of your trainer battling Lacie and her team.
  • Submissions will be judged based on dynamic use of perspective, line, movement, and lighting. Overall effort and creativity will also be taken into consideration. See Lacie's profile page for info on her and her team.
  • You'll need a disguise to get past the gym's security. Draw your picture in a style you're not accustomed to using for extra points.


  • Winner: Heist Badge + Full-colored picture of your trainer and his/her entire team.
  • Runner Up: Heist Badge + full-colored picture of your trainer and 3 specified members of his/her team.
  • Honorable mentions: Full-colored picture of your trainer and 1 member of his/her team.

Prizes will be drawn on the oekaki by Momo-mia. As usual, one to three badges will also be distrubuted at the gymleader's discretion. This gym contest will end on Saturday, January 21.