Leader: Lacie

Type Specialization: Dark

Badge: Heist Badge

Run By: Momo-mia

Gym Description:

Lacie's gym was once an old museum she'd often visit as a child. The gym is rigged with security cameras, motion sensors, and (non-harmful) booby traps. Detection or activation of these traps triggers an alarm, notifying 'security guards' of any intruders, and ultimately resulting in a Poke'mon battle. Though, supposedly there is a hidden switch that deactivates the security system... Challengers will need to stress agility and stealth in order to reach Lacie.

Leader Description:

As a child, Lacie always dreamed of going on an adventure with her very own Poke'mon. Her parents, on the other hand, had very different expectations for her future. They stressed good schooling and success; owning a Poke'mon would only distract Lacie from such things. Thus, Lacie's childhood years were lonely and hard. She grew quite rebellious as she entered her teens, frequently dying her raven hair and purposefully slacking off in school. Her rebellion peaked when she ran away from home after a fight with her parents. The sixteen-year-old took shelter in a gazebo at the city park. It was there that she met a Sneasel that had long been abandoned. Both having nothing, the two came to rely on each other. Thus Lacie got her first Poke'mon. Through her new friend, she learned how to survive by pickpocketing and conning (needless to say, she became quite good at it). In no time at all, the devious duo was infamously known thoughout the city, yet they were impossible to apprehend. For two years, Lacie lived this way, until something most unexpected happened...


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That day, Lacie and Sneasel had scoped out a vulnerable-looking target in the crowd: and old traveler with fiery red hair and a tired expression on his face. As Lacie made for the man's trainer wallet, he instinctively caught hold of her wrist. Suprisingly, instead of calling for the authorities, the man challenged Lacie to a Poke'mon battle. Lacie's Sneasel was quickly defeated. It was then that the traveler revealed himself as Alder, the Champion of the Unova region! He rebuked Lacie's current lifestyle, though not unkindly. Taking advantage of kind people was no way to live. Consequently, she was only hurting herself, her parents, and her treasured Poke'mon. After healing Lacie's Poke'mon, Alder continued on his way.

That encounter changed Lacie. Knowing the truth in Alder's words, Lacie returned to her true home. After a change of heart (and countless hours of community service) Lacie had made a complete turnaround. She reconciled with her parents, and eventually took on the gym leader challenge with Sneasel. Showing considerable skill as a trainer, Alder and the Pokemon League assigned Lacie as a gym leader in her home city. She now spends her time training and reaching out to wayward Poke'mon.

Pokemon Used:

Pokemon Used Lvl. Moveset Ability
Weavile 42

Ice Punch, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Hone Claws

Honchkrow 38 Night Slash, Swagger, Drill Peck, Roost Super Luck
Krokorok 39 Dig, Torment, Crunch, Fire Fang Moxie
Cacturne 40 Toxic, Venoshock, Energy Ball, Ingrain Sand Veil
Scrafty 40 Payback, Scary Face, Hi Jump Kick, Detect Moxie

Badge Recipients:



Mr. Green