"Welcome, Challenger, to the "Snowy Town" Gym!"

"Krystal is patiently waiting for you at one of the exits to this cave. Which one, I cannot tell you, but the assistants waiting at each of the forks might be able to give you some hints if you defeat them in battle. Go on, test your skills in the icy cave, then see if you can defeat Krystal herself!"

Contest Requirements: Draw a picture of your trainer battling Krystal and her team.

Entries will be judged based on line, colour, composition and setting. Extra consideration will be given to drawings with the entrant's team fighting with their own UNIQUE battle style.

As well, Bonus Points will be given to those who can successfully navigate the cave at the entrance to Krystal's Gym and come out at the correct exit! At each intersection in the cave, you will be asked a riddle, and the answer to that riddle will point you in the direction of the next checkpoint. Here are the riddles:
A - You can go either left or right from here, you will still be able to get to the correct exit no matter which you choose.
B - Introduced in the Fifth Generation, I do much more than tell you the time.
C - At the fault of my pre-evolution, I will most likely never be featured in an episode of the anime.
D - Sometimes found in the trash, I help keep up your Pokémon's HP.
E - I am an item fabricated specifically to evolve a Pokémon that was already evolved using an item.
F - Though I myself am quite Normal, all my relatives Typically different.

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS HERE! Mail me your answers to the intersections you had to pass along with the number of the exit you ended up at.

An example of how to go about solving the puzzle: Start at A.

Choose to go either left to B or right to F.

If say you went to F, Answer the riddle there, use the answer to determine whether exit 5 is the correct exit or if you should continue on to intersection E.

If you end up going to intersection E, Answer the riddle there, etc.

Remember, you only need to mail me your path through the maze. For example: Intersection /letter/ - /answer/ to Intersection /letter/ - /answer/ to Intersection /letter/ - /answer/ to Intersection /letter/ - /answer/ to Exit /number/

1st - A Snowflake Badge and a large image of your trainer and their team.
2nd - A Snowflake Badge and a large image of your trainer and one of their Pokémon.
3rd - A Snowflake Badge and a large image of one of your trainer's Pokémon.
Honourable mentions - Smaller image of one of your trainer's Pokémon.

The contest runs from now (June 17th) until August 9th. Prizes, conditions and contest deadline can be changed by myself at any time.