"Being unique is the key to being truly successful in battle!"
Art by Kovolta
Age 26
Gender Female
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blonde
Hometown "Snowy Town"

(Same as Stacey (and Daniel?))

Region Oeka
Trainer Class Gym Leader
Leader of "Snowy Town" Gym
Badge Snowflake Badge
Specializes in Ice
Run by



Born and raised in "Snowy Town", Krystal has always been one with the elements. Ever since she learned to walk, she's been out in the weather. Building snowforts, tobogganing down the local ski hill, learning to skate on the town's outdoor rink, there isn't a moment of her life that wasn't spent outside.

At the age of 16, she decided to go explore the rest of the Oeka Region with Hale, her childhood friend Smoochum, and some of her other Ice Type Pokémon.

When she was passing through "Fiery City", she met Farrah and they got into an argument over Ice Type and Steel Type Pokémon and which were better. She then challenged Farrah to a battle and promptly lost, having not been prepared for Farrah's double type advantage.

Her fiery encounter with the steely Gym Leader began her passion for training her Pokémon to be their best no matter what the circumstances might be, as well as a heated rivalry with Farrah.

She continued her travels, now challenging every Gym she encountered, while learning her Pokémon's unique strengths, abilities and talents and using them to improve her battles.

Krystal returned to "Snowy Town" two years after her journey's start to challenge the local Gym Leader. The Gym Leader was exilerated by her battle style and amazed at how much she and her Pokémon were in sync. Ready to retire himself, he offered her the position of Gym Leader in his place. The thrill of the icy battle made her realize just how much she missed the snow and the cold, so she accepted.

Now the "Snowy Town" Gym Leader, Krystal trains her Pokémon to bring out their unique talents. Like snowflakes, no two Pokémon are the same. She tests challengers on their ability to think outside of the box, and encourages them to learn what makes their own Pokémon special and to use that to their advantage.

She is not afraid of losing battles, so long as her opponant won with effort and by using their Pokémon to the best of their abilities.

"Snowy Town" GymEdit

Under the direction of her predecessor, Snowy Town Gym was part of the local arena, but when Krystal took over, she moved it to her own personal outdoor skating rink, only having battles at the arena when the weather becomes too dangerous.

The outdoor skating rink can only be reached through a mazelike icy cave, and Krystal challenges challengers to navigate it with their Pokémon before before battles. The layout of the cave is always changing due to the constan melting and freezing of the walls.

Trainers who defeat Krystal in battle are awarded with a Snowflake badge, which is actually a large real snowflake preserved through special methods. As such, no two snowflake badges are the same.


Image Nickname Pokémon Gender Ability Moves About
100x100px Rain Dragonair* Marvel Scale Outrage, Thunder, Blizzard, Safegaurd
Hale Hale Smoochum Oblivious Sweet Kiss, Attract, Psychic, Copycat
100x100px Storm Abomasnow Snow Warning Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Focus Blast
Gale Gale Dewgong Thick Fat Ice Beam, Surf, Rest, Iron Tail
Sleet Sleet Piloswine Snow Cloak Stone Edge, Protect, Ice Fang, Giga Impact
Flurry Flurry Froslass Cursed Body Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Payback, Icy Wind

Badge RecipientsEdit

None so far.