Knox & Hector

Preferred Type: Fighting

Run By: Spiffee

Full Name: Knox Kennedy McNeil

Age: 23

Birthday: December 8 (♐)

Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto Region

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 165 lbs.


Trainer Knox

Trainer DescriptionEdit

Knox is a smartass and loves using his charisma and bad attitude to his advantage against others. He's the kind of guy that just shrugs things off and never loses his cool even when in a sticky situation. When losing a battle, Knox's temperament is usually something along the lines of "i aint even mad tho". That doesn't mean he doesn't care about battling (he's a hardcore trainer) but he doesn't like to let other trainers get on his nerves. Knox is also a loudmouth and big bullshitter. Don't believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

Knox has a bit of a gambling problem (which is totally not obvious from his Pokemon's nicknames) and usually ends up blowing all his money away on the slot machines whenever he enters a Game Corner. (This is also the reason why he is always asking to borrow money from everyone and why his Pokemon hold Amulet Coins.)

Pokemon UsedEdit

Most of his Pokemon know a "Punch" move. Full-out offensive Pokemon are his favorites and he often forgets about the Defensive side of Pokemon battles.

Pokemon Nickname Moveset Ability
Machamp ♂ Mach-Daddy Dynamic Punch, Ice Punch, Payback, Bullet Punch No Guard
Pinsir ♂ Hector X-Scissor, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Close Combat Mold Breaker
Mandibuzz ♀ Roulette Brave Bird, Roost, Toxic, U-Turn Overcoat
Medicham ♀ Toots Brick Break, Thunderpunch, Psycho Cut, Ice Punch Pure Power
Dusknoir ♂ Blackjack Sucker Punch, Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, Fire Punch Pressure
Donphan ♂ Donnie P Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Rapid Spin, Head Smash Sturdy

Badges ObtainedEdit

Paranoia Badge