Ivy Kudzu

Gender: Female

Age: About 20, not even Ivy knows her real age!


No one really knows where she came from. She washed up on the shoreline of the Oeka as an infant, wrapped up in a blanket along with some food and a pokémon egg. She was adopted by the Kudzu family, and they called her Ivy, because the Kudzus were rather unimaginative. Soon after, the egg hatched, into a Deino. The Deino began a rampage and killed the Kudzus. Ivy pointed at the Deino and said "CHISHIO!". So his name became "Blood". Ivy was once more an orphan, and Blood carried her away. As she grew, Ivy developed an affinity for battle and a love of multiple headed pokémon.

Team (by column):

Blood Benedict Hivemind Dodo Hack Spectra
Hydreigon Exeggutor Vespiquen Dodrio Weezing Magnezone
Levitate Clorophyll Pressure Tangled Feet Levitate Sturdy
Scary Face | Roar | Tackle Toxic | Moonlight | Ingrain Defend Order | Heal Order | Attack Order Fly | Giga Impact | Drill Peck Clear Smog | Destiny Bond | Explosion Barrier | Magnet Rise | Hyper Beam