Topaz almost went face first over Torchy when the blaziken stopped abruptly in its tracks. Topaz looked up at he huge manor in front of them, on top of it's victorian design it had a dark ominous feel to it. Topaz hopped down and looked around, she saw a small picket sign indicating that this creepy place was a gym. A ghost type gym. "Bah! Ghost types what a joke!" Topaz snickered. However the blaziken didn't seem to be very amused. She turned around and raised an eyebrow at the shivering 6 foot beast, "Oh come on don't be such a chic- Oh never mind." She returned him to his pokeball. She only had two normal types with her at the moment, a temperamental purugly, and a careful and calm Lopunny. She called out the lopunny, who was happy to get out of her pokeball. Less happy to see the the looming Nightshade Manor in front of her.

She pushed open the big door, which was heavy for her, the Lopunny walked in slowly behind. As soon as the door shut a ghastly popped up out of nowhere and licked Topaz's face then vanished into the semi dark room. "Ew. That was gross." She wiped her face off. She shook her fist into the darkness. "I'm not here for games!" Bunbun shook her head, what a stupid thing to say to a bunch of ghost pokemon. Topaz examined the dimly lit room. the light source was a collection ghost pokemon she was unfamiliar with. She fumbled through all the pockets on her short till she found her pokedex. Litwick it said, fire and ghost. She contemplated on catching one, but a quick slap to the back of the head deterred her. "How is it that you always know what I'm thinking, but I can't understand a thing you do?" She asked the lopunny. Bunbun rolled her eyes. Topaz sighed as she started down a corridor, realizing now the that it was best not to disturb the gyms atmosphere. She heard laughing and giggling and moaning and groaned. It made her skin crawl it was so creepy. However Bunbun was of little reassurance as it shoved Topaz down hallways after hallway while cowering behind her.

Topaz ducked out from underneath her companions grasp when a door caught her eye. It was padlocked. "Oh well thats just evil. To bad dummy locks only trick dummies." She undid the lock and threw the door open to reveal a massive ball room and painted on the floor was exactly what she wanted to see. A large battle field was on the flawless wood floor. "Oh leader. come out, come out, where ever you arrreee!" She hollered.