"Don't ever stop moving forward! Life is all about momentum!"
Art by Ninjin
Age 22
Gender Male
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Brown
Hometown "Pewter City"
Region [1] Kanto
Trainer Class Gym Leader
Leader of "Rocky Town" Gym
Badge Coal Badge
Specializes in Ground
Run by



Gio was born in Petwer City to a coal mining family. He spent his youth watching his father and older brothers go to work in Mt. Moon, working with their Pokemon partners to mine coal. And although mining was his family's way of life, Gio preferred to spend his time alone in the fields, studying Pokemon and training his precious Diglett (his first Pokemon). This outsider way of life clashed with the rest of the community, putting him at odds with his father. When Gio was old enough, he packed up his belongings, and traveled Kanto with Diglett.

Gio was always anxious to return home and face his family, so he became a drifter - traveling the many regions of the Pokemon world and catching all kinds of ground Pokemon.

Eventually, Gio arrived in Oeka, and found himself in Rocky Town - a small town built on the side of Mt. Steam. This coal-mining town reminded Gio of his own hometown, and he decided to settle there. Gio found a community here that he never felt at home, using his Pokemon to build the Steam Train - a locomotive wonder that aided the coal miners in their transportation of coal and other resources from the mountain.

Gio is laid-back and easygoing, never one to lose his head about anything. He loves his Pokemon unconditionally, seeing them as his true family. He trusts his Pokemon so whole-heartedly, that he will go whole battles without giving a single command - letting his Pokemon battle the way they want. It is only when a particularly skilled trainer enter the picture that Gio will become engaged.

Gio's Pokemon all use held-items from Mt. Steam - such as Ground Gems, Rock Gems, and the Rocky Helmet.

"Rock Town" GymEdit

Rocky Gym is made up of two areas - the Steam Train that travels up and around Mt. Steam - and the Hot Springs atop the mountain where Gio resides.

Trainers must battle their way through each car of the Steam Train. Finally, the train will arrive at the top of Mt. Steam, where Gio will be waiting in the hot springs.

Gio loves a good laugh and won't battle a trainer until they've told him a satisfactory joke about Pokemon.

Trainers who defeat Gio in battle are awarded with a Coal badge. Coal Badges are forged in Mt. Steam by Gio himself.


Image Nickname Pokémon Gender Ability Moves Held Item
100x100px Rock III Phanphy Sand Veil Dig, Take Down, Rollout, Slam Rocky Helmet
40906b Rocky II Quagsire Water Absorb Dig, Water Gun, Slam, Mud Bomb Rocky Helmet
40911 Rocky Vibrava Levitate Dig, Dragon Breath, Bide, Rock Slide Ground Gem
40906 Gia Dugtrio Sand Force Dig, Scald, Bulldoze, Sucker Punch Soft Sand

Badge RecipientsEdit

None so far.