• Follow all relevant Bulbagarden Oekaki Rules at all times. This is an unofficial oekaki activity, so please be respectful to the oekaki.
  • One Gym is open for challenges at a time.
  • The gymleader sets up any unusual challenge terms, and explains what the prizes will be.
  • To challenge the gym, you must submit a drawing of your trainer participating in a fight against them.
  • The leader may also ask you to complete some other small challenge like solving a riddle, writing a few paragraphs of fiction, or including some special element in your picture.
  • Challenge periods usually last two weeks, but the gym leader may lengthen or shorten their challenge period as they wish (as long as it is reasonable).
  • At the end of a challenge period, the gymleader judges the winners, based on artistic merit and completion of the extra challenge.
  • Gymleaders reward any promised prizes (usually free requests to the top 1-3 contestants) and may reward at their discretion as few as one or as many as three badges.
  • Artists who have won two separate gym badges may apply to be a gymleader themselves.