Leader: Farrah

Farrah & Skarmory

Type Specialization: Steel

Badge: Alloy Badge


Run By: Spiffee

Gym DescriptionEdit

Farrah’s gym is located inside the foundry where she works. Upon entering the gym, challengers find that molten lava surrounds the platforms on which trainers and the leader Farrah stand. To the left and right of the makeshift gym, people are hard at work in the foundry sections of the large building. Trainers must ride an elevator to the top to challenge Farrah, but not before stopping at two other individual platforms where they will battle the trainers.

Challengers must remember to stock up on plenty of items before entering, since one can’t leave until the leader has been beaten. After defeating a trainer, the smoldering lava rises bit by bit which makes it impossible to go back down. Once Farrah has been defeated, the lava descends and trainers are able to leave unharmed.


Leader DescriptionEdit

Farrah is a hardworking woman in the foundry business. She is assertive and does whatever it takes to get the job done. Despite her rough appearance, Farrah is actually quite amiable and treats all of her challengers fairly and equally. Her go-getter attitude and level-headedness allowed her to take charge in the foundry and become an official gym leader.

Growing up in Lavaridge Town in the Hoenn region, Farrah had initially been interested in the Fire-type, with her trusty Torkoal being her first Pokemon. After her first foundry experience (a field in which both her father and brother had worked in) she instantly became enamored with the durable Steel-type, while keeping some of her fiery Lavaridge roots.

Pokemon UsedEdit

Focusing mainly on the Steel-type, Farrah utilizes her companions Aggron, Steelix, Skarmory, Klinklang, Heatmor, and Torkoal. When not battling, her Pokemon assist her and the other workers in the foundry.

Her Pokemon team is full of defensive heavy-hitters, while keeping tactics and strategy in mind. While they may not be the fastest Pokemon, they deal enough damage and stick around long enough in battle to get the job done.

Pokemon Moveset Ability
Aggron ♂ Head Smash, Ice Punch, Rock Polish, Aqua Tail Rock Head
Steelix ♀ Earthquake, Toxic, Explosion, Stone Edge Sturdy
Skarmory ♀ Spikes, Brave Bird, Taunt, Roost Keen Eye
Klinklang Volt Switch, Shift Gear, Gear Grind, Return Minus
Torkoal ♂ Yawn, Stealth Rock, Flamethrower, Explosion White Smoke
Heatmor ♂ Sucker Punch, Protect, Heat Wave, Sunny Day Flash Fire

Badge RecipientsEdit



Mr. Green