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This is the portal for the fanfiction series: DCA: Adventures in Oeka (Japanese: キミコのDEX挑戦:Oekaの冒険 Kimiko no dekkusu no chōsen: Oeka no bōken ), written by Alex R., otherwise known as on Bulbakaki, and Lolexy136 on Wikia. This fanfiction series is rated for everybody, 10 and above, due to mild violence. It however, does not include any offending and/or coarse material.

An IntroductionEdit

A new challenge, a new adventure, and new friends. Join the gang, as they travel across the Oeka Region with Alex's strongest by her side!

On her quest to capture all known Pokemon Species and collect more info on them, Alex ventures the Oeka Region for a good challenge and to become its new champion. Already having defeated Cynthia and Iris, she challenges the Oeka League side by side with her assemble of her strongest. Her best friend Rosie at her shoulder whenever she needs her, her they defeat the Oeka Gym leaders for the glory of being masters.


It contains mild violence as it is a Pokemon Fanfiction. It contains no sexual material, swearing, or offending material of any kind. It does, however, contain the world's wackiest trainer, so maybe you should be warned about patting her head.

Start The Adventure Now!!Edit

No. Story Challenge Opponent Badge Date (PST)
001 A chilling start! Alex VS Krystal Krystal's Challenge Gym Leader Krystal Snowflake Badge August 28, 2012, 9:27 PM
002 Going for the gold None None None September 10, 2012, 12:19 PM
003 On Campus, On Time! The Adventure Continues: Alex VS Daniel --Not yet officially started-- Gym Leader Daniel Archive Badge August 28, 2012, 9:27 PM