General InformationEdit

Full Name: Aizle Syracuse


Age: 17

Birthdate: October 28th (♏)

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto

Current Residence: Icirrus City, Unova

Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Illustrator

Hobbies: Creeping, Drawing, Writing, Studying, Martial Arting, Snow Eating, Word Inventing, Circular Pacing, Jellybean Throwing, etc.

Personality: Falsely Oblivious, Thoughtful, Literate, Cynical, Profound, Moody, Passionate, Curious, Somewhat OCD, Skittish, Overly Considerate, Soft Spoken, Determined, Slightly Destructive

Biography: Will be posted after final proofread.

Trainer InformationEdit

Trainer Class: Lady

Specialty Type: N/A

Skill Level: Intermediate

Badges (Other Regions): Unknown

Badges (Oeka): 0

Starter Pokémon: Male Gastly (…?)

Pokémon Caught: 11 - Hoothoot, Gastly, Zubat, Abra, Mareep, Nidoran♂, Misdreavus, Staryu, Bronzor, Mienfoo, Litwick

Pokémon Currently Owned: 11 - Gengar, Crobat, Eevee (traded), Nidoking, Misdreavus, Staryu, Gligar (traded), Bronzong, Sableye (traded), Mienshao, Lampent

Pokémon TeamEdit

Aizle was born and raised in Ecruteak City; as such, her team consists primarily of Pokémon native the Johto and Kanto regions. She's quite fond of agile, sinister-looking Pokémon although her team's tendancy toward uniform purpleness is completely unintentional.


Name Moveset Ability
Gengar ♂ Voltaire Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball Levitate
Crobat ♂ Nietzsche Cross Poison, Zen Headbutt, U-turn, Fly Inner Focus
Nidoking ♂ Genghis Earth Power, Superpower, Fire Blast, Surf Poison Point
Misdreavus ♂ Dante Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Power Gem Levitate
Gligar ♂ Attila Swords Dance, Earthquake, Night Slash, Roost Hyper Cutter
Mienshao ♂ Yuan Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Stone Edge, U-Turn Regenerator