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General InfoEdit

Name: Abigail


Age: 23

Birthday: March 28th (♈)

Hometown: Driftveil City, Unova

Physical Appearance Edit

Height: 5' 9" (6' 1" including BOOTS)

Weight: 143 lb (excluding BOOTS)

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Reddish magenta (?)

Body Build: Slim, toned.


bio - to be expanded


Born in Driftveil City, hates the city's weather- she prefers warmer places. After spending some years traveling around Unova where she built the majority of her current team, she set off to other, faraway regions as Sinnoh and Hoenn. She stayed only briefly in Johto and never went to Kanto, deciding to go to the Oeka region first, about which she heard during her first days in Johto, where she plans to return afterwards.

Personality and quirksEdit

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Flashy, pretentious, always with her nerves on the edge. Obsessed with her appearance - especially with the amount of fat in her legs. She wears those HUGE HEAVY BOOTS for workout purposes, and she ends up wearing them all the time. She smokes for the very same reason- smoking over eating. That causes her troubles with her training routine, and she's currently pondering about quitting smoking, which would be really hard, thus making her even more NERVOUS.

She doesn't seem to care about hurting people's feelings, which she does a lot. She openly declares her dislike to a person, but that doesn't mean she's an utterly sincere person anyway.

Team and battling styleEdit

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General preferencesEdit

"Flashy" can also describe her battling attitude as she prefers to go with really fast pokémon in every single match. This can be also a weakness - it is most of the times. She always wants to surprise her opponents trying to OHKO all of their pokémon. But that's a lot more difficult to put into practice since her pokémon hardly ever succed in OHKO a bulky pokémon, and they seem to be the most frequent type of foes she meets lately. So she ends up in adapting and basing her strategy on switching a lot, confusing her opponent that way.

At least that's what she hopes to get to when in trouble. SOMETIMES it actually works.


• Sawsbuck ♂

• Archeops ♂

• Cinccino ♂

• Mienshao ♀

• Accelgor ♂

• Swoobat ♀

Badges WonEdit

Heist Badge